72nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry


Baxter's Philadelphia Fire Zouaves

Welcome to the web site of Company D of the 72nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry - Baxter's Philadelphia Fire Zouaves (originally the 3rd California Volunteer Infantry). 

We are headquartered in the Philadelphia-South Jersey area, although we have members from other areas of the region and other states. 

The majority of the volunteer enlistees of the original 72nd PVI were Philadelphia Firemen.  Many of our current members are firefighters and so carry on a part of the tradition of the 72nd PVI.

We attend most of the major reenactments throughout the Mid-Atlantic area as well as attend living histories, parades, educational events, etc.

The 72nd is a family oriented unit.  We have meetings and social events in addition to our reenacting activities.

Affiliated with the regiment is also a "Ladies' Aid Society," which, as its Civil War namesake, provides assistance and support to the unit.

We are a member of 2nd Regiment of the United States Volunteers (USV).

Contact us if you have any questions on the 72nd or have an interest in finding out more about reenacting with us.  We are always happy to assist people researching the 72nd PVI, or who are descendants.

To contact us:  72nd PVI

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