Wartime Service of the  72nd PVI

Aug 10                Organized in Philadelphia Pa
Sep 16                 Moved to Washington DC
Sep 17-Sep 30   At Munson's Hill
Sep 30                Moved to Poolesville MD
Sep 30-Feb 62  Duty on the Upper Potomac
Oct 21                  Battle of Balls Bluff
Feb-Mar 24        At Harper's Ferry VA
Mar 24-Apr 1     Moved to the Virginia Peninsula 
Apr 5-May 4      Siege of Yorktown VA
May 7                  Moved to West Point VA
May 7-31            At Tyler's Farm VA
Jun 15                 At Fair Oaks [Seven Pines], VA
Jun 19                 Battle of Fair Oaks VA
Jun 25-Jul 1      Seven Days before Richmond VA 
Jun 29                Battles Peach Orchard/Savage Sta VA 
Jun 30                Charles City Crossroads/Battle Glendale
Jul 1                    Battle of Malvern Hill VA
Jul 1-Aug 16      At Harrison's Landing VA 
Aug 16                 Movement to Newport News VA
Aug 16-28           Movement to Alexandria VA
Aug 28-30          Movement to Centerville/Battle Chantilly VA
Aug 31-Sep 1      Cover General Pope's Retreat
Sep 6-24              Maryland Campaign
Sep 16-17            Battle of  Antietam MD
Sep 22-Oct 30   Moved to Harper's Ferry VA
Oct 16-17             Reconnaissance to Charlestown WV
Oct 30-Nov 20  Movement to Falmouth VA
Dec 12-15            Battle of Fredericksburg VA
Jan 20-24           General Burnside's 2nd campaign, "Mud
Jan-Apr               At Falmouth VA
Apr 27-May 6    At Hartwood Church VA
Apr 27-May 6    Chancellorsville Campaign/Battle VA
May 1 and 4       At Bank's Ford VA
Jun 13-Jul 24    Gettysburg Campaign
Jul 2-4                 Battle of Gettysburg PA
Jul 5-24              Pursuit of Lee
Oct 19-22            Bristoe Campaign VA
Nov 7-8                Advance to Rappahonnock  River VA                             
Nov 26-Dec 2     Mine Run Campaign & Battle VA
Nov 27                  Robertson's Tavern-Locust Grove VA
Nov 63-May 64  Duty on Rapidan River VA
Feb 6-7                 Demonstration on Rapidan River VA
May 4-Jun 12     Rapidan Campaign VA
May 5-7                Battles of the Wilderness VA
May 8                   At Laurel Hill VA
May 8-12             Battle of Spotsylvania VA
May 12-21            Po River VA
May 12                 Assault on the Salient VA
May 23-26          Battle of North Anna River VA
May 26-28          On the line of Pamunkey River VA
May 28-31           Battle of Totopotomoy River VA
Jun 1-12               Battle of Cold Harbor VA
Jun 16-18             Before Petersburg VA
Jun 16-Aug 20   Siege of Petersburg VA
Jun 22-23            Battle on Jerusalem Plank Road VA
Jul 27-29              Demonstrate N of James R-Deep Bottom VA
Jul 27-28             Deep Bottom VA
Jun 30                  Mine Explosion (in reserve) Petersburg VA
Aug 12                   Return to Philadelphia PA
Aug 24                  Mustered out Philadelphia PA
Jul 4                      Regiment reformed in great parade in                                Philadelphia  to return their colors to the Comm of PA

1st 72nd PA Monument - Purchased and placed by surviving members of the regiment prior to the Commonwealth's monument.

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