Reenacting Information

Reenactors come from all areas and professions.  The common thread that all reenactors have is their keen interest in the Civil War and their desire to attempt to relive some of the life of the soldier for themselves and to impart information to others of what the Civil War soldier's life was like.

Reenacting requires a commitment to developing about your personal impression and learning your unit's history.

Members must also learn the Civil War era military drill ("School of the Soldier") and tactical evolutions, as well as learning about camp life.

In also requires an investment in uniforms, accouterments, musket, etc.

The 72nd PVI has a distinctive Zouave uniform made of a dark blue kepi, with red trim, a pair of light blue Chausseur-style trousers with a red stripe down each leg seam, a dark blue Zouave-style jacket with red trim, a light blue vest with red trim and finally white leggings.

In addition, each soldier had a canteen, a haversack to carry daily needed items, and a belt with cartridge box, cap box, and bayonet scabbard.

The soldier also had a knapsack which contained blankets, clothing, poncho, etc.

The 72nd PVI originally had .69 cal. Belgian muskets, and later .58 cal. US Springfield or British Enfield rifled muskets.

The regiment has loaner equipment that prospective members can borrow to try out the experience without buying anything at first.

In addition to the infantryman and infantry officer reenactors, the unit also has musicians, 2 assist surgeons, Civil War era fire men, civilian reenactors and others.

2nd 72nd PA Monument  - Paid for and placed by Comm of PA 1891

Colonel DeWitt Clinton Baxter, Commanding Officer 72nd PVI.

Lieut. Col. Theodore Hesser, 72nd PVI.  Killed leading the 72nd at  Mine Run. November 1863.

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